Comments on Glorification of Smoking by Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have seemingly brought glorification to the art of smoking. There have been smoking commercials for e-cigs, since they don’t belong to the banned category. Companies like NJOY are whole-heartedly furthering its cause. The popularity and glorification is further cemented by the string-backing of celebrities like Johnny Depp and Catherine Heigl. If the traditional cigarette had a macho image, thanks to the smoke emerging in various shapes and rings, electronic cigarette looks sleeker and more elegant.

What brings glorification?

Undoubtedly, its phrased mechanism is the object of sensationalism. The battery sends macro-electrons to bring the atomizer into activity. The atomizer heats up the e-liquid resulting in the inhalation of nicotine and letting out of water vapor. The cartridge is squishy and sends signals as soon as you put in between your lips. LED light flashes at the front, actually to indicate that your puffing time is over, but essentially to resemble the blaze of traditional cigarettes.

The fumes also appear with more pitch and suaveness from electronic cigarettes adding to its seeming brilliance. The make is almost similar to the regular cigarettes and effects are also similar, but the means are so different that e-cigarettes inadvertently exude glorification.

Where the problem lies

Of course, the mentioned points put e-cigarettes in an attractive light. When you add the flavors like mint and cherry, the result becomes quite alluring for kids. FDA has risen more than its eyebrows against the continuation of electronic cigarettes. They suggest that e-cigarettes are glorifying death. Although even they inherently admit that it is a better option than traditional cigarettes, it is almost like picking the lesser evil according to them.

In their analysis, e-cigarettes cause damage to heart and lungs, reduces stamina, causes airway constriction and can be fatal owing to the presence of nitrosamines and Propylene Glycol. Even if e-cigarettes have won the historic Prohibition battle in court in 2009, it will find it tough to continue unregulated while continuing with the mechanism and effects.

What should be done?

Firstly, electronic cigarettes have to be absolutely honest about its actual effect. It’s true that its nicotine content is miniscule compared to traditional cigarettes. Yet, it is absurd to compare with something that’s hailed as slow poison.

E-cigarettes are after all no smoking cessation unit. It should act on the parlance that e-cigarettes, if picked by chain smokers and regular smokers will undoubtedly improve their mortality rate. Some regulation ought to be imposed on its sale; emphasizing on the assurance that minors may not have easy access. Its boxes should carry some statutory warning. Moreover, there should be some restriction imposed on increased sale of cheaper electronic cigarettes. Of course, with time, e-cigarettes will undergo many changes and turn better with each version.

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