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zampleboxZampleBox is an e-liquid subscription company that sends boxes of premium e-juice to its customers for a monthly subscription. Use the latest discount codes provided here to save on your first order.

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What is ZampleBox E-Liquid all about?

Zamplebox is arguably the biggest e-liquid monthly subscription service that is currently to be had, not only in the US, but also globally. This service now boasts of more than twenty thousand active subscribers. Essentially, this one-of-a-kind service permit members to conveniently select the e-juice flavors they want. This company then uses the data that clients provide to send a package that fits their distinct requirements. The whole subscription process is highly acclaimed for been rapid and hassle-free. You will not be necessitated to sign any contract, and at any moment, you can skip a monthly shipment, or if you wish, cancel the entire subscription.

What is the main appeal of

The primary appeal of settling for Zamplebox is undeniably the excellent e-liquid profiling system that this company offers. This feature allows you select the exact flavors and nicotine levels you want and even specifying which flavors that you hate. This naturally means that the more data you supply about your tastes and preferences, the higher the probability that you will obtain the e-juices you cherish. This service also enables vapers to be in an excellent position of discovering new flavors, which they may like sample.

Zample box subscription process

Like earlier noted, selecting a Zample box is very easy and also extremely convenient, and it comprises of 7 simplistic steps. This permits you to choose the vaping experience you wish to obtain, and the exact varieties of e-liquid flavors that you like. The latter ranges from tobacco, fruit, dessert or even menthol flavors. You will also get to select the exact box you wish to subscribe for. Currently there are three options you can choose from. This includes the silver package of three bottles of from 30 ml to 50 ml. The gold subscription that comes with six, 60 ml to 100 ml bottles, and the platinum subscription, which features eleven 120 ml to 180 ml bottles. You will also get the opportunity of selecting the nicotine levels you wish for. There are currently five options, which are the 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg and 18 mg. Finally, you will have to pay for the package you have settled for through a credit card. You will need to foot an upfront fee, and after every month the subscription will be renewed automatically from your account. Like earlier mentioned, you can at any time cancel a monthly shipment, or if you wish, the entire subscription.

What exactly does the Zample box package come with?

Apart from the exact number of e-juice bottles you subscribe to, the whole package also comes with two handy Zamplebox stickers. The first happens to be an e-liquid rating card and the second is a customizable tasting menu. The last can be likened to the menus which you would ordinarily get in a brick & mortar vape shop.

Zamplebox referral service

Finally, this firm has also put in place a customer referral service to reach out to more vapers. By taking the necessary time to refer up to three of your friends to this e-juice subscription service, you will obtain an e-liquid box which will be handed to you totally for free.

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