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volcano ecigs discount code and couponVolcano is a Hawaiian electronic cigarette manufacturer and retailer. They have a retail operation in Hawaii and also distribute their products online in both the United States and Europe.

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What is Volcano eCigs all about?

Volcano e-cigs is a Hawaiian electronic cigarette manufacturer and retailer. They have a retail operation in Hawaii and also distribute their products online in both the United States and Europe. The brand is very popular with local customers in Hawaii and has developed a reputation for producing hip and innovative products. In particular Volcano eCigs has an extensive range of liquid nicotine juice flavors which it calls “V-Juice”. Many of the flavors sold are based on the unique tastes of Hawaii.

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Volcano eCigs Starter Kits

The company sells three different starter kits which are the Magma, the Inferno and the LavaTube. The Magma is the most basic starter kit and includes an automatic battery, a portable charging case, five cartomizers, a gift box, a USB capable, a USB charger and a wall charging adapter. The Inferno is the next step up from the Magma. Included inside the kit is a 650 mAh volt battery, a 900 mAh volt battery, five refill cartridges, a tube tank set up, a tube sock, one 15ml bottle of v-Juice and a gift box. The LavaTube allows you to control the voltage of the device. This gives you the ability to deliver more powerful hits of vapor. Included inside of the kit are two vent holes, a voltage up and down button, a lanyard and an LCD display screen.

Nicotine Flavors

Volcano electronic cigarette has an extensive range of twenty two different flavors. Included in its range of flavors are vanilla, clove, tobacco, watermelon, menthol, tobacco pure, milk chocolate, red wings, pineapple, hot lava, kiwi, kona, espresso, jungle fruit, coconut, grape, cherry and bluewater. These are available as pre filled cartridges or as bottles of v-Juice.


The standard battery that comes with the Magma kit is the M-Battery. This has an output of 180 mAh and can produce 45 – 60 minutes of vaping between needing to be recharged. The battery is available in either black or white. In addition to the automatic version that is provided with the starter kit, the company also sells a manual version as an accessory.

This has a button on the side which allows you to control the voltage that is delivered. This lets you produce larger vapor hits than is possible with the automatic version. Volcano eCigs also sells the AW IMR high drain rechargeable battery. This has a massive 2000 mAh output and is used with the LavaTube starter kit. This is perfect for high voltage vaping and producing huge, thick clouds of vapor.


Volcano E-Cigs provides a warranty on all its starter kits and accessories. This six month warranty covers any faults with the products sold by the company. If your product is returned for any reason, the Volcano ecigs coupon you used during purchase will be taken into consideration so you’ll get the full refund of what you paid for. It does not cover the cartomizers, atomizers, liquid and clothing. It is also important to note that the warranty does not cover damage to the batteries that result from flooding.

Loyalty Program

The company also runs a loyalty program where its customers can earn discounts on the products. You can earn points in the program through purchasing the products or referring a friend. You can also earn points by doing things such as liking Volcano E-Cig on Facebook, leaving a review, subscribing to their newsletter or rating a product.

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