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What is NJOY all about?

The e-cigarette company NJOY has been a prominent a player in the U.S. market of electronic cigarettes for quite a long time. What unique features this company has to offer? What are its advantages and flaws? The goal of the review below is to find it out.

As the company claims, its mission is to prevent the deaths connected with smoking by offering alternative products for long-term smokers. The company focuses its operation on R&D activities that help to bring innovations to the market and offer new products.

As one of the pioneers in the market of electronic cigarettes, NJOY attempts to target many groups of customers by offering a wide range of products (look below) through all large distribution channels. Indeed, the company can brag a quite rich history, respectable reputation and high brand awareness, as well.

It is undoubtedly noticeable that the company puts an emphasis on the practicality of its customers. It does not attempt to offer a kind of customization or some unique styles for its products, but rather prioritizes functionality and variety of its products. It is even stated on the company’s website that NJOY is the only American company which offers e-cigarette products of all form factors. Indeed, the company’s customers may make up their mind about the truth of the given statement, but NJOY is really striving to offer as many different products with different features as possible.

For instance, the company offers various types of electronic cigarettes (both disposables and rechargeable), and its renowned King Bold cigarettes (which are disposables, by the way) have certainly won the sympathy of their purchasers. What is concerning e-liquids, the company sells e-liquids of 10 flavors: beginning with the classic tobacco flavor demanded by many long-term smokers and ending with sweet fruit flavors. By the way, it is worth to point out that the e-juices are sold in smaller bottles of 10 ml size (the majority of other e-liquid companies sell their e-juices in the bottles of 30 ml size).

After all, NJOY sells a number of premium e-liquids, advanced devices and pre-filled tanks for convenient vaping that may interest many smokers. Indeed, the assortment of the company’s products is certainly its strength.

E-cigarettes of this company may be a really great choice for many smokers: these e-cigarettes resemble real cigarettes as no other e-cigarettes. This is achieved thanks to the smaller size of these e-cigarettes and their paper covering, which causes the feeling as you were smoking a real tobacco cigarette.

In addition to that, the taste of the e-cigarettes also very well resembles the real cigarettes. A large number of distribution channels give you an opportunity to buy the company’s products in many places of your city. If you order the products via the company’s website, you get free shipping and a 30-day guarantee of money return. Besides, some customers may find something interesting for themselves by pressing “Deals” on the company’s website.

Unfortunately, a few not quite nice points have to be mentioned too. The price of these products is quite higher than the market’s average. Besides, one can use the product for just a couple of hours (much less than one can do with other e-cigarettes). Though, maybe the company cares about your health this way?

A simple fact that the e-cigarettes of this company most realistically resemble the real cigarettes is also a reason to give it a try. Indeed, the price is a little bit high, yet NJOY does its best to offer you the most of functionality and practicality in its products. Of course, it is a decent price for the decent products.

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