How Safe is E-Cigarettes for Pregnant Women?

It’s one of God’s gifts to women that they can conceive and let out a living being. Of course, this takes thorough resilience and ability to bear pain for 9 months. Doctors place a number of restrictions for pregnant women; including no lipsticks, nail polishes or chemical shampoos.

smoking pregnancyOf course, they are adamant against cigarette smoking. Yet, smoking is an addictive habit and it’s not easy to drop a habit in a jiffy. Pregnant women go through many mood swings and irritations and find smoking a great stress-buster.

What is the getaway?

Those pregnant women who cannot leave smoking will do better to ‘vape’ electronic cigarettes. Normal cigarettes contain high nicotine content and toxic carcinogens. It also hampers the sense of taste and smell; causes queasiness and affects breathing (lungs) and blood circulation (heart).

Electronic cigarettes doesn’t involve combustion of any sort; just vaporizing. The carcinogens, if any, are nitrosamines in very miniscule quantity. If they can regulate their puffs and limit the number of electronic cigarettes, they will not be affected too much. It is imperative to note that smoking hurts the baby more than pregnant lady, infusing neo-natal confusions in the would-be child.

The ideal situation     

Of course, ideally, pregnant women shouldn’t smoke or ‘vape’ any cigarette; traditional or electronic. It is true that electronic cigarettes cause significantly less harm than traditional cigarettes, but there is some nicotine present.

Moreover, Propylene Glycol is there to ensure proper conduction of flavors and it is an anti-freezing substance with suggestive toxicity. There is a degree of throat hit with electronic cigarettes and the wind pipe gets that dry sense.

The mix of flavors with nicotine doesn’t augur too well for the would-be mother. Thus, the utopian standard would be no cigarettes of any kind for pregnant women. However, the world is not perfect and you have to think of the best practical approach. In that context, electronic cigarettes are a better bet.

Essence of effects

Pregnant women need to eat well; as she feeds two lives. Traditional cigarettes reduce the appetite considerably. Electronic cigarettes don’t do any such harm. They don’t mess up with the olfactory or food sense or cause digression in the digestive system. Even the stamina is not affected to a great extent and pregnant ladies can carry on with drills they require doing. At worst, there is the issue of airway constriction.

It is wise if she takes on juices; snacks and timely food to keep her well-fed. Having electronic cigarettes on an empty stomach won’t help matters. It is preferable if she caters to zero nicotine carts. Some smokers feel awkward when there is nothing between their fingers. This way, she will have the desire answered without any nicotine inhalation. Yet, it needs to be reinforced that electronic cigarettes are not an ideal option for pregnant ladies.

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