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njoy-ecigsNJOY is a popular e-liquid and e-cig manufacturer based in USA. Use the latest NJOY discounts to save on your order.

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What is NJOY all about?

The e-cigarette company NJOY has been a prominent a player in the U.S. market of electronic cigarettes for quite a long time. What unique features this company has to offer? What are its advantages and flaws? The goal of the review below is to find it out.

As the company claims, its mission is to prevent the deaths connected with smoking by offering alternative products for long-term smokers. The company focuses its operation on R&D activities that help to bring innovations to the market and offer new products.

As one of the pioneers in the market of electronic cigarettes, NJOY attempts to target many groups of customers by offering a wide range of products (look below) through all large distribution channels. Indeed, the company can brag a quite rich history, respectable reputation and high brand awareness, as well.

It is undoubtedly noticeable that the company puts an emphasis on the practicality of its customers. It does not attempt to offer a kind of customization or some unique styles for its products, but rather prioritizes functionality and variety of its products. It is even stated on the company’s website that NJOY is the only American company which offers e-cigarette products of all form factors. Indeed, the company’s customers may make up their mind about the truth of the given statement, but NJOY is really striving to offer as many different products with different features as possible.

For instance, the company offers various types of electronic cigarettes (both disposables and rechargeable), and its renowned King Bold cigarettes (which are disposables, by the way) have certainly won the sympathy of their purchasers. What is concerning e-liquids, the company sells e-liquids of 10 flavors: beginning with the classic tobacco flavor demanded by many long-term smokers and ending with sweet fruit flavors. By the way, it is worth to point out that the e-juices are sold in smaller bottles of 10 ml size (the majority of other e-liquid companies sell their e-juices in the bottles of 30 ml size).

After all, NJOY sells a number of premium e-liquids, advanced devices and pre-filled tanks for convenient vaping that may interest many smokers. Indeed, the assortment of the company’s products is certainly its strength.

E-cigarettes of this company may be a really great choice for many smokers: these e-cigarettes resemble real cigarettes as no other e-cigarettes. This is achieved thanks to the smaller size of these e-cigarettes and their paper covering, which causes the feeling as you were smoking a real tobacco cigarette.

In addition to that, the taste of the e-cigarettes also very well resembles the real cigarettes. A large number of distribution channels give you an opportunity to buy the company’s products in many places of your city. If you order the products via the company’s website, you get free shipping and a 30-day guarantee of money return. Besides, some customers may find something interesting for themselves by pressing “Deals” on the company’s website.

Unfortunately, a few not quite nice points have to be mentioned too. The price of these products is quite higher than the market’s average. Besides, one can use the product for just a couple of hours (much less than one can do with other e-cigarettes). Though, maybe the company cares about your health this way?

A simple fact that the e-cigarettes of this company most realistically resemble the real cigarettes is also a reason to give it a try. Indeed, the price is a little bit high, yet NJOY does its best to offer you the most of functionality and practicality in its products. Of course, it is a decent price for the decent products.

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zampleboxZampleBox is an e-liquid subscription company that sends boxes of premium e-juice to its customers for a monthly subscription. Use the latest discount codes provided here to save on your first order.

Latest ZampleBox coupons and deals for 2016

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What is ZampleBox E-Liquid all about?

Zamplebox is arguably the biggest e-liquid monthly subscription service that is currently to be had, not only in the US, but also globally. This service now boasts of more than twenty thousand active subscribers. Essentially, this one-of-a-kind service permit members to conveniently select the e-juice flavors they want. This company then uses the data that clients provide to send a package that fits their distinct requirements. The whole subscription process is highly acclaimed for been rapid and hassle-free. You will not be necessitated to sign any contract, and at any moment, you can skip a monthly shipment, or if you wish, cancel the entire subscription.

What is the main appeal of Zamplebox.com?

The primary appeal of settling for Zamplebox is undeniably the excellent e-liquid profiling system that this company offers. This feature allows you select the exact flavors and nicotine levels you want and even specifying which flavors that you hate. This naturally means that the more data you supply about your tastes and preferences, the higher the probability that you will obtain the e-juices you cherish. This service also enables vapers to be in an excellent position of discovering new flavors, which they may like sample.

Zample box subscription process

Like earlier noted, selecting a Zample box is very easy and also extremely convenient, and it comprises of 7 simplistic steps. This permits you to choose the vaping experience you wish to obtain, and the exact varieties of e-liquid flavors that you like. The latter ranges from tobacco, fruit, dessert or even menthol flavors. You will also get to select the exact box you wish to subscribe for. Currently there are three options you can choose from. This includes the silver package of three bottles of from 30 ml to 50 ml. The gold subscription that comes with six, 60 ml to 100 ml bottles, and the platinum subscription, which features eleven 120 ml to 180 ml bottles. You will also get the opportunity of selecting the nicotine levels you wish for. There are currently five options, which are the 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg and 18 mg. Finally, you will have to pay for the package you have settled for through a credit card. You will need to foot an upfront fee, and after every month the subscription will be renewed automatically from your account. Like earlier mentioned, you can at any time cancel a monthly shipment, or if you wish, the entire subscription.

What exactly does the Zample box package come with?

Apart from the exact number of e-juice bottles you subscribe to, the whole package also comes with two handy Zamplebox stickers. The first happens to be an e-liquid rating card and the second is a customizable tasting menu. The last can be likened to the menus which you would ordinarily get in a brick & mortar vape shop.

Zamplebox referral service

Finally, this firm has also put in place a customer referral service to reach out to more vapers. By taking the necessary time to refer up to three of your friends to this e-juice subscription service, you will obtain an e-liquid box which will be handed to you totally for free.

NicQuid Coupon Code

nicquid coupon code 10% offNicQuid is a popular e-liquid manufacturer based in USA. Use the latest NicQuid e-liquid discounts to save on your order.

Latest NicQuid coupon code and deals for 2016

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What is NicQuid E-Liquid all about?

There are different types of products in the market that offer people the most quality electric cigarette services to make them enjoy life to the fullest. NicQuid is a number one product in the USA that is usually seen as an e-liquid manufacturer.


It is a top quality product that has set high expectations in the modern times. It has a name for having spread the best services across the globe. It was founded in 2002 and so far, it has been offering the best e-liquid services to a majority of users. Through the use of skills, professionals have been mixing it with great skills at private lab in Ohio. It is a perfect process that sounds strong above all other food preparation standards. This mixing is seen as an art form that seeks to produce quality results.

Editor’s note: If you’re looking for an e-liquid brand that’s comparable to NicQuid, we recommend Black Note as the best alternative. Read this honest review of Black Note e-liquid to find out why this brand is so highly rated.

You can always enjoy using NicQuid products because they are good and perfect all the time. Reviews show that is has e-liquid components that are very good and perfect all the time. It offers more to users as a firm stamp that is set for approvals that normally make sure that a majority of e-liquids are clean and ready for use by all members. There are high levels of evidence on how they usually sourced and make good tests of their products.

The experts usually strive hard to meet greater USP grade with Kosher type of vegetables and glycerin. Their nicotine is usually supplied by a quality industry leader who usually conducts the real tests on each of the batch before any shipping. According to reviews, facts shows that there is more to be trusted and believed on the results that offer people all reasons to enjoy quality results all the time. It is a company with the best proven results and services. It produces the most perfect products that offer users similar results.

Users are usually advised on the danger of these products. The company has high levels of regulations that make it easier for users to understand the right measure to use. Most of e-liquid products are highly known to carry a powerful chemical that has been tested to cause defects to the reproductive organs of humans. They are not entirely seen as smoking cessation simple products that have not been tested, but they too have some effects to the body.

These are quality products that are usually designed for use by many adults of a legal smoking age. In the USA, adult’s age is counted from 18 years and above. Pregnant or breastfeeding women as well as people with conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or asthma are not entirely required to use these products. There is a group of people who are highly sensitive to nicotine and they experience serious effects every time they use.

Always enjoy using these products since they have been licensed, regulated and tested by a professional body to guarantee users on the best results. They are good if taken in regulation and that is why users are advised to take good care of their health and avoid over consumption of products that seek to cause more effects to their health.

How Safe is E-Cigarettes for Pregnant Women?

It’s one of God’s gifts to women that they can conceive and let out a living being. Of course, this takes thorough resilience and ability to bear pain for 9 months. Doctors place a number of restrictions for pregnant women; including no lipsticks, nail polishes or chemical shampoos.

smoking pregnancyOf course, they are adamant against cigarette smoking. Yet, smoking is an addictive habit and it’s not easy to drop a habit in a jiffy. Pregnant women go through many mood swings and irritations and find smoking a great stress-buster.

What is the getaway?

Those pregnant women who cannot leave smoking will do better to ‘vape’ electronic cigarettes. Normal cigarettes contain high nicotine content and toxic carcinogens. It also hampers the sense of taste and smell; causes queasiness and affects breathing (lungs) and blood circulation (heart).

Electronic cigarettes doesn’t involve combustion of any sort; just vaporizing. The carcinogens, if any, are nitrosamines in very miniscule quantity. If they can regulate their puffs and limit the number of electronic cigarettes, they will not be affected too much. It is imperative to note that smoking hurts the baby more than pregnant lady, infusing neo-natal confusions in the would-be child.

The ideal situation     

Of course, ideally, pregnant women shouldn’t smoke or ‘vape’ any cigarette; traditional or electronic. It is true that electronic cigarettes cause significantly less harm than traditional cigarettes, but there is some nicotine present.

Moreover, Propylene Glycol is there to ensure proper conduction of flavors and it is an anti-freezing substance with suggestive toxicity. There is a degree of throat hit with electronic cigarettes and the wind pipe gets that dry sense.

The mix of flavors with nicotine doesn’t augur too well for the would-be mother. Thus, the utopian standard would be no cigarettes of any kind for pregnant women. However, the world is not perfect and you have to think of the best practical approach. In that context, electronic cigarettes are a better bet.

Essence of effects

Pregnant women need to eat well; as she feeds two lives. Traditional cigarettes reduce the appetite considerably. Electronic cigarettes don’t do any such harm. They don’t mess up with the olfactory or food sense or cause digression in the digestive system. Even the stamina is not affected to a great extent and pregnant ladies can carry on with drills they require doing. At worst, there is the issue of airway constriction.

It is wise if she takes on juices; snacks and timely food to keep her well-fed. Having electronic cigarettes on an empty stomach won’t help matters. It is preferable if she caters to zero nicotine carts. Some smokers feel awkward when there is nothing between their fingers. This way, she will have the desire answered without any nicotine inhalation. Yet, it needs to be reinforced that electronic cigarettes are not an ideal option for pregnant ladies.

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Volcano eCigs Coupon

volcano ecigs discount code and couponVolcano is a Hawaiian electronic cigarette manufacturer and retailer. They have a retail operation in Hawaii and also distribute their products online in both the United States and Europe.

Latest Volcano e-cigs coupons and deals for 2016

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What is Volcano eCigs all about?

Volcano e-cigs is a Hawaiian electronic cigarette manufacturer and retailer. They have a retail operation in Hawaii and also distribute their products online in both the United States and Europe. The brand is very popular with local customers in Hawaii and has developed a reputation for producing hip and innovative products. In particular Volcano eCigs has an extensive range of liquid nicotine juice flavors which it calls “V-Juice”. Many of the flavors sold are based on the unique tastes of Hawaii.

volcano ecigs coupon for starter kit

Volcano eCigs Starter Kits

The company sells three different starter kits which are the Magma, the Inferno and the LavaTube. The Magma is the most basic starter kit and includes an automatic battery, a portable charging case, five cartomizers, a gift box, a USB capable, a USB charger and a wall charging adapter. The Inferno is the next step up from the Magma. Included inside the kit is a 650 mAh volt battery, a 900 mAh volt battery, five refill cartridges, a tube tank set up, a tube sock, one 15ml bottle of v-Juice and a gift box. The LavaTube allows you to control the voltage of the device. This gives you the ability to deliver more powerful hits of vapor. Included inside of the kit are two vent holes, a voltage up and down button, a lanyard and an LCD display screen.

Nicotine Flavors

Volcano electronic cigarette has an extensive range of twenty two different flavors. Included in its range of flavors are vanilla, clove, tobacco, watermelon, menthol, tobacco pure, milk chocolate, red wings, pineapple, hot lava, kiwi, kona, espresso, jungle fruit, coconut, grape, cherry and bluewater. These are available as pre filled cartridges or as bottles of v-Juice.


The standard battery that comes with the Magma kit is the M-Battery. This has an output of 180 mAh and can produce 45 – 60 minutes of vaping between needing to be recharged. The battery is available in either black or white. In addition to the automatic version that is provided with the starter kit, the company also sells a manual version as an accessory.

This has a button on the side which allows you to control the voltage that is delivered. This lets you produce larger vapor hits than is possible with the automatic version. Volcano eCigs also sells the AW IMR high drain rechargeable battery. This has a massive 2000 mAh output and is used with the LavaTube starter kit. This is perfect for high voltage vaping and producing huge, thick clouds of vapor.


Volcano E-Cigs provides a warranty on all its starter kits and accessories. This six month warranty covers any faults with the products sold by the company. If your product is returned for any reason, the Volcano ecigs coupon you used during purchase will be taken into consideration so you’ll get the full refund of what you paid for. It does not cover the cartomizers, atomizers, liquid and clothing. It is also important to note that the warranty does not cover damage to the batteries that result from flooding.

Loyalty Program

The company also runs a loyalty program where its customers can earn discounts on the products. You can earn points in the program through purchasing the products or referring a friend. You can also earn points by doing things such as liking Volcano E-Cig on Facebook, leaving a review, subscribing to their newsletter or rating a product.

Comments on Glorification of Smoking by Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have seemingly brought glorification to the art of smoking. There have been smoking commercials for e-cigs, since they don’t belong to the banned category. Companies like NJOY are whole-heartedly furthering its cause. The popularity and glorification is further cemented by the string-backing of celebrities like Johnny Depp and Catherine Heigl. If the traditional cigarette had a macho image, thanks to the smoke emerging in various shapes and rings, electronic cigarette looks sleeker and more elegant.

What brings glorification?

Undoubtedly, its phrased mechanism is the object of sensationalism. The battery sends macro-electrons to bring the atomizer into activity. The atomizer heats up the e-liquid resulting in the inhalation of nicotine and letting out of water vapor. The cartridge is squishy and sends signals as soon as you put in between your lips. LED light flashes at the front, actually to indicate that your puffing time is over, but essentially to resemble the blaze of traditional cigarettes.

The fumes also appear with more pitch and suaveness from electronic cigarettes adding to its seeming brilliance. The make is almost similar to the regular cigarettes and effects are also similar, but the means are so different that e-cigarettes inadvertently exude glorification.

Where the problem lies

Of course, the mentioned points put e-cigarettes in an attractive light. When you add the flavors like mint and cherry, the result becomes quite alluring for kids. FDA has risen more than its eyebrows against the continuation of electronic cigarettes. They suggest that e-cigarettes are glorifying death. Although even they inherently admit that it is a better option than traditional cigarettes, it is almost like picking the lesser evil according to them.

In their analysis, e-cigarettes cause damage to heart and lungs, reduces stamina, causes airway constriction and can be fatal owing to the presence of nitrosamines and Propylene Glycol. Even if e-cigarettes have won the historic Prohibition battle in court in 2009, it will find it tough to continue unregulated while continuing with the mechanism and effects.

What should be done?

Firstly, electronic cigarettes have to be absolutely honest about its actual effect. It’s true that its nicotine content is miniscule compared to traditional cigarettes. Yet, it is absurd to compare with something that’s hailed as slow poison.

E-cigarettes are after all no smoking cessation unit. It should act on the parlance that e-cigarettes, if picked by chain smokers and regular smokers will undoubtedly improve their mortality rate. Some regulation ought to be imposed on its sale; emphasizing on the assurance that minors may not have easy access. Its boxes should carry some statutory warning. Moreover, there should be some restriction imposed on increased sale of cheaper electronic cigarettes. Of course, with time, e-cigarettes will undergo many changes and turn better with each version.

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